Dance education in contemporary and jazz dance has some specific features in comparison to classical ballet education. According to the best school educational system in the world, in this area, this School has the similar basic principles.

Girls can join the studio at the age of 4, in one of two pre-school groups. In that period they are working on preparing body for ballet, learning how to keep their bodies, working on their elasticity, and few basic positions of legs and arms. There are younger (ages 4 to 5) and older (ages 6-7) group in the Studio. That level of knowledge we call PREPARATION or DANCE BABIES.

Children start to attend classes at the age of eight and during the period of three years they should learn the fundamental steps of thecontemporary dance and the basic vocabulary of the classical ballet. That level of knowledge is called BEGINERS. For those who showed good results and extra talents during two years of attendance, we usually make a special group, call DANCE KIDS, in which girls have advanced program and usually participate in a lot of children festivals and other events.

At the age of twelve till fifteen, when they are already  familiar with the basic steps and movements, they are ready for the next level of knowledge - INTERMEDIATE. On that level they have to improve the dancing techniques as they practice the more complex steps and movements.

Next level is ADVENCED level. This level is for the students who have already passed two lower levels and they are fifteen to eighteen years old. This means that they have overcome the modern dance technique during the passed six years (R.Laban and M. Graham methods which are usually applied in modern dance).  At that age students start with jazz as a very specific dance form. Jazz requires mature body, so the students must view the body as a personal instrument, as a keyboard of infinite possibilities. They attend jazz classes for three years. After that they can become  perfect dancers in those two areas. This level does not mean only high level of ballet and jazz dance technique, but also good music education, because students are sed to dance on different music: from very fresh hits to wellknown evergreens, from instrumentals to apply music. This team is also known as DP JUNIORS.

Students older than eighteen belong to the PROFESSIONAL group with the experience of nine years and they belong to Dance Plus Team.